Book review: The Farm, Joanne Ramos

This book is quite creepy in the fact that it doesn’t seem much of a stretch until this becomes a reality. Jane is just trying to make a good life for her daughter – and this leads her to essentially rent her womb to someone else for money.

The back stories for the other characters in The Farm elicit sympathy, even where you wouldn’t expect to find it – and you are rooting for everyone to have a happy ending.

The ending itself is ambiguous –  whether its happy of not is up to your judgement.

The Farm: Joanne Ramos



Film review: Toy Story 4

So some of you may have noticed that it rained at the weekend – a lot! So we decamped to the cinema, unfortunately with most of the rest of the population, to see Toy Story.

Two cinemas later we managed to book some tickets and I am glad that we persevered. I love Bo and her feisty attitude. I don’t want to say too much in case I spoil it but I did have a tear in my eye at one point – I am notoriously soppy when it comes to films.

Despite the 12 year old wondering if Toy Story was a cool thing for someone of her ages to watch she thoroughly enjoyed it. We decided that we should probably watch the first 3 again at some point as its been an age.

Game Review: Sunny Day

The last for a while of my trio of games reviews for Zatu games. This one – Sunny Day – is a really nice game to play with all the family.

Opera review: Le Fille du Régiment

We had the pleasure of going to the Opera on Saturday to a matinee of the wonderful La Fille du Régiment. What a pleasure it was, funny, chirpy and just a little bit tongue in cheek in places. The music was very catchy – Donizetti – and it had the marvellous Miranda Richardson as La Duchesse de Crackentorp!

The second half we agreed was even funnier than the first. With a bit of drag and La Duchesse causing trouble.

I sometimes feel that opera is billed as very serious. I would challenge those who believe that to go and see a performance of this.

La Fille du Régiment

Book review: The Dark Portal by Robin Jarvis

So this is a children’s book that was mentioned to me by a friend because it is set in Deptford and sometimes I get homesick for South London. I also figured I can put the book in my daughters kindle afterwards so win / win.

I enjoyed it, especially the South London references. I did find it a bit samey and rambling in parts – perhaps resembling the tunnels that are such key feature of the story – but this could be in part because of its intended age groups.

The introduction is quite gripping and I didn’t guess the ending of the story so in that way it definitely wasn’t formulaic. There are two more in the trilogy and I will read them all – but maybe not straight away. It was one that slightly struggled to hold my attention.

I am studying at the moment so I suspect my next read may be more psychological in nature.

The Dark Portal

Game review: Dead and Breakfast

So I am still really excited by getting guest blog posts on Zatu Games, my review of Dead and Breakfast has just gone live and it is immensely satisfying!

Game review: Itchy Monkey

So, I have picked up my blog again as an attempt to carve out some creative time in my life following my adoption journey. Enjoying being back in the saddle as it were I decided to write a review for Zatu Games – and it was accepted!

How exciting to have a review published on their site. I hope to be doing some more for them and who knows where getting my writing mojo back on will take me!